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Is the church or organization (1) attracting and (2) maintaining a profile of individuals that is multi-generational? For a church, a profile of children, youth and adults is critical for a ‘healthy’ church representative of the Old Testament. For organizations, a diverse profile creates a strength in the type of ideas and power in implementation.


Growth Barriers for the church or an organization can be likened to ‘that thing’ that everyone sees, but no one says anything. After time passes, it becomes normalized to almost being part of your culture. The Strategic Leadership Forum is there to ask the important question of ‘why?’.


A Church & Organizational Consulting Firm

Our Story: Mission & Vision

Our Mission

It is the MISSION of the Strategic Leadership Forum to assist churches and organizations in a collaborative manner to enhance their organizational ‘health’ and the ‘health’ of her people with a laser focused mission/vision, a developed leadership, and a well-defined strategy.

Our Vision

It is the VISION of the Strategic Leadership Forum to see each church and organization having a defined mission and vision statement that energizes its people, correlates to its culture and core values, and allows its lifeblood to run through the leadership and people out into the community by constant communication.


CEO Wanda Walker is the Chief Strategist of the Strategic Leadership Forum. Ms. Walker is a former Director at the United States Patent and Trademark Office and a member of the federal Senior Executive Service (SES). Within her 35 years of federal service, she specialized in leading and influencing faltering teams of thousands into meeting congressionally measured goals, while empowering hundreds of managers by modeling the desired behavior. Her motto for leading … ‘people over process’.

Ms. Wanda is a dynamic preacher, teacher, leader, strategist, and mentor who within the church has over 30 years of church leadership. She has structured, implemented, and led ministries in evangelism, community outreach, women’s, single’s, finance, and discipleship training in an advancing manner. Ms. Walker excels in placing the right person in the right position according to their gifting, while edifying individuals into leaders and unifying individuals into a prolific ministry team that advances the goals of the church.

Ms. Walker enhances her decades of practical experience with decades of formal education. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in Strategic Leadership (Lancaster Bible College Capital Seminary, 2020). She possesses a Master of Divinity (MDiv, Lancaster Bible College Capital Seminary), a certificate of Advanced Public Administration (Syracuse University), a Juris Doctorate degree (JD) with an emphasis in intellectual property (University of Baltimore), and a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Civil Engineering (Howard University).

“Action without vision is only passing time, vision without action is merely daydreaming, but vision with action can change the world”

~Nelson Mandela

Our Thoughts


A healthy organization is defined by the degree in which it accomplishes its mission.
A healthy church is most effective when the six parameters outlined in Acts 2:42-47 (fellowship, worship, ministry, discipleship, evangelism, prayer) are apparent and effectively operating. The parameters lead to a number of very important questions in reference to its people.

A healthy organization is most effective generally when its people are ‘healthy’. Are they leading from their hearts (i.e. passionate, connected)? Are they leading with their souls? Are they leading with their minds (i.e. exercising their instincts and inspiration)? Are they leading from their strength (i.e. right people in the right place, match of gifts/talents and tasks)?

These questions and others should be asked and analyzed on a regular basis by a professional consultant from outside the church. It’s hard to see a concern when you are within its midst.